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Boutin law measurement


The Boutin law measurement consists of measuring the living area of the accommodation. The measurement method for leasing is slightly different than the measurement of the private area, the Boutin law applies to all housing (apartment or house) for rent.


It is not necessarily done by a professional.


There is no obligation to carry out this diagnosis, the obligation of the owner is to indicate the living area of ​​the accommodation (apartment or house). This is the difference with the sale, since there is no measurement obligation on a house in the case of a sale.


Its period of validity is unlimited , if no work in the accommodation is done.


Please note, if the actual area is less than the area indicated in the sales documents, the purchaser may request, within one year, a reduction in the sale price.

Additional information :

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Regulatory texts :

            Code de la construction et de l'habitation : article R111-2

Informations sur la superficie locative (loi Boutin)

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