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History of the use of lead in paints

Use of lead in history:

  Lead has been found in tombs dating from prehistoric times, it is certainly one of the oldest metals known and worked. In antiquity, the Romans used it to decorate pots and amphorae as well as to preserve and sweeten wine in the form of lead acetate. It was also used in cosmetics (kohl, eyeshadow), in the manufacture of many objects, in water pipes as well as, that is what interests us, in oil painting.

Lead in paint:

  Lead has therefore been used in paints since antiquity, it was used for its covering power as well as its very good performance. In the form of lead white lead used as white in paint or lead minium (orange-red) as anti-rust protection for metal or the guillotine (lead yellow), it is now completely prohibited for sale since 1948 for paints and 1993 for the complete ban (especially for anti-rust coatings.

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