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Etat relatif à la présence de termites


  Termites are insects that feed on minerals found in wood or wood-based materials. They destroy the internal structure of materials which makes them dangerous for housing.


  The report on the presence of termites has been compulsory since 1999 for the sale of a home. If there is a presence, the owner has an obligation to declare it at the town hall.


  Its period of validity is 6 months from the visit to the accommodation. But no need to check every 6 months, at DIPA, we iron at the time of sale and for free.


  I would like to recall that even termites are, above all, insects useful to nature and are part of biodiversity, they allow the good decomposition of wood and the renewal of our forests. So let's protect our homes from the heavy damage that these insects can do but avoid exterminating them.

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