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Lead Exposure Risk Certificate 

(CREP in french)

  The Lead diagnosis has been compulsory since 2004 . It also makes it possible to identify situations of risk of infant poisoning or deterioration of housing.


  Owners who have obtained a building permit before January 1, 1949, must provide buyers with a Lead Exposure Risk Certificate (CREP in french).


  In the presence of Lead in the paintings, its period of validity is 1 year for a sale , it is unlimited when there is none.


  In some cases of extreme deterioration , this can go as far as an obligation to carry out renovation work.


Additional information :

Regulatory texts :

            Code de la santé publique : article R1334-10 à R1334-12 :

Réalisation du diagnostic

            Code de la santé publique : article L1334-9 :

Conséquences en cas de présence de plomb

            Arrêté du 19 août 2011

Constat de risque d'exposition au plomb

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