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The gas diagnosis

  The gas diagnosis consists of a verification of the state of the interior gas installation of the accommodation, there may be compliance work depending on the dangerousness of the anomalies.


  It is mandatory for all installations over 15 years (1 st meter installation, renovation does not count). It must be made for the rental .

  In the event of a serious and immediate danger (DGI) in the installation, the diagnostic operator can shut down one or all of the installation. The owner will then be required to do the work to restore the installation to safety before restarting the installation.

  If the installation has been modified and has been the subject of a certificate of conformity. This document can be used instead of a diagnosis, if the document is not expired (3 years of validity).

  Its period of validity is 6 years for rental.  


Additional information :

Regulatory texts :

            Code de la construction et de l'habitation : article L134-6

Réalisation en cas de vente

            Arrêté du 6 Avril 2007

Modèle et méthode de réalisation d'un état de l'installation intérieure de gaz

            Décret n°2016-1104 du 11 Août 2016

Etat de l'installation intérieure de gaz dans les logements en location

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