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The Electricity diagnosis


  The Electricity diagnosis consists of a verification of the state of the interior electrical installation of the accommodation, there is no obligation to work but advice to make the installation safe.


  It is mandatory for all installations over 15 years (1 st meter installation, renovation does not count). It must be carried out before the sale of the goods.


  For renovations, if a professional goes through the property to check the new installation and performs a consuel. This document can be used as an electrical diagnosis (if this consuel is not expired of course: 3 years of validity)


  Its period of validity is 3 years for a sale.

Regulatory texts :

            Code de la construction et de l'habitation : article L134-7

Réalisation en cas de vente

            Arrêté du 28 Septembre 2017

Modèle et méthode de réalisation d'un état de l'installation intérieure d'électricité dans les immeubles à usages d'habitation

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