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How to protect yourself from termites?

You have to differentiate two things, how to protect yourself and how to fight.

What are the means of protection?

  There are several types of means to protect your property:

     - insecticide barriers: direct treatment of the soil by spreading insecticide product or base walls by injection (which involves drilling all around the house);

     - the physico-chemical barrier: physical protection film between the ground and the concrete slab of the house;

     - insecticide products: construction wood is treated directly by bathing in the product, until the wood is deeply impregnated;

What are the means of control in the event of infestation?

  In the event of infestation, several means of control exist:

     - direct treatment of infested wood by injection;

     - insecticide traps: you can set traps all around the house, if you are aware of the presence on the ground or in the termite district. These traps, filled with specific poison, make it possible to neutralize the whole colony, since the principle is to poison the workers who will come to contaminate the whole colony;

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